GOLD Hair Extensions

Gold Hair Extensions can help you to add length or volume to your hair through the use of hair extensions, helping to transform fine lifeless, short hair into full long and natural looking hair.

We specialise in a locking technique (Gold Hair Extensions & Easilocks) which involves no damaging glue, harmful chemicals or braids or bulky micro rings meaning no damage to your natural hair.

We specialise only in extensions, so unlike salons, we are more experienced and quicker than some hairdressers who may only fit extensions a few times a year or than a part time mobile extension technician.

Speedy fittings - A full head will be fully fitted cut and styled within 3 hours max.

As the client you can have piece of mind knowing that we are fully qualified & insured.

Our hair extensions look so beautifully natural that no one should be able to tell you are wearing extensions and we blend more than one colour if required.

Having hair extensions can be a life-changing event, so the quality of the hair is absolutely primary to successful application, outcome, and ultimately a happy client.

Real hair extensions will move and feel like your own, with these you can use heated appliances, such as curling wands or straighteners just as you would on your natural hair.

Extensions can be fun, fashionable and practical and do not restrict any lifestyle activity. You can still play sport, dance and swim without limitation so you really can live life to the full with total confidence.