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Will the hair extensions damage my own hair?

Both Gold Hair Extensions and Easilocks are designed to be kind to your natural hair, with no harsh chemicals, glue, heat or braiding.

What's your level of expertise?

Jodie at Gold has 7 years of FULL TIME experience in this particular hair extensions technique. Meaning she fits hair all day everyday and there is not much Jodie has not seen or experienced when it comes to hair extensions. She is fully qualified and insured.  


How long does my existing hair need to be for your hair extensions?

This can vary as it will depend on the style, cut, thickness of your hair. If you send a picture of your hair to 07854 588755 we can confirm suitability for you We WILL NOT fit your hair extensions if we don’t think they will look natural. 

Will you be able to match the colour of my own hair?

Yes, we have many colours, and we can blend more than one so we would pick a colour on the day that will be agreed by you before fitting. 

What sort of length can be achieved?

22” is the longest length we fit at Gold and although the shortest is currently 18” we can cut the extensions to your desired length.

Can I just add volume instead of length?

Yes this can be achieved with a half head.

Can I just add highlights?

Yes this can be achieved with a half or partial head.

I've seen you work with a lot of celebrities. I'm not a celebrity - will you treat me differently?

We treat our VIPs like normal clients and our normal clients like VIPs!

I'm transgender / transsexual - will you work on my hair?

Yes of course. We have some experience in this and as long as your hair is of the appropriate length we would be happy to transform you.

Application and Removal

How are the hair extensions attached?

We use a locking method. Tiny locks that are clamped flat. The lock with hold some strands of your own hair together with the strand of extension hair. 

How are the hair extensions removed?

To remove the hair extensions, each lock is unlocked! It opens, and slides away from your natural hair. 

Do you cut and style the hair?

Yes! Every client that has a new head of hair, has the hair cut, blended and styled, ready for your before and after shots!

How long do the hair extensions last?

The hair extensions can last upto a year. However this is dependent on many factors and the average is 9 months.

How long does it take to have the hair extensions fitted?

Up to 3 hours for a full head and up to 2 hours for a half head, this includes the colour match before and cutting, styling, and transformation pictures afterwards.

Do I have to give my hair a "rest" between hair extensions?

With this hair extension type there is no need to have a break in between, however all hair types are different and if we feel your hair would benefit from a break we will advise you of this. 

Can I continue to colour my own hair whilst wearing the hair extensions?

Yes you can either have your tsection coloured, as the extensions will not be attached to this part of your hair. If required you could do an all over colour however we cannot then guarantee the extensions. 

A few strands of my own hair came out when I lost a strand/removed the extensions.

Without noticing, every day we lose between 50 to 100 strands of our own hair as part of the process of renewal and growth. However, where the extension is attached, hair that would otherwise fall out is trapped and held in place by the lock. So, when you remove the extension you may notice these hairs coming out. This is simply hair that would have fallen out during the renewal process over the previous few months.

Look and Feel

Will you notice the difference between my own hair and the extensions?

Your new extensions will be expertly colour matched, fitted and styled so you will not notice the difference. 

Do the hair extensions feel heavy?

No heavier than if you had the same amount of hair naturally. The extensions can feel a little strange until you have washed it a couple of times, if you have never worn extensions before. Every client is different when it comes to scalp sensitivity. 

Can I wear my hair "up"?

Yes we will leave a one inch line around the hair line free of extensions so that you can wear your hair up.